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I'm so glad you've found me!

a woman sitting on a sofa smiling holding a model pelvis

Are you ready to break free from the negative expectations and any fears you have about giving birth?

Are you ready to feel calm, relaxed and excited to meet your baby?

Are you ready step into birth with full confidence, knowing that you have all of the tools you need to remain calm and in control no matter what happens?

My Hypnobirthing courses are for you!

"Emma's expertise and passion created an environment whereby I felt relaxed and at ease. Not only did the course teach us about how to use Hypnobirthing, but also left us knowing what to expect during labour and birth and the science behind it. I would highly recommend to anyone who is pregnant! Emma is brilliant!"
Jessica, first time mam

Let's work together to make your birth incredible

My mission is to support you to cultivate a deep sense of trust in your body, your instincts and your ability to give birth.  Have a look at all of my Hypnobirthing course options below:

a newborn baby sleeping on a blanket
posters showing birth positions

Next Group Course - October 28th & 29th October - 9.30am - 1.30pm - PaddlePod Killingworth - Only 4 spaces left

Held close to the heart of Newcastle City Centre, my group Hypnobirthing courses are full birth preparation courses designed to help you ditch the fear & start feeling really confident and in control for your baby's birth.

a woman sitting on a couch holding a hypnobirthing workbook

A fully comprehensive and in depth Hypnobirthing & Antenatal course.

Beautifully designed to provide you with a wide range of Hypnobirthing techniques, personalised care and tailored content to meet your unique needs.

Available both in person & online over zoom

a woman sitting on a sofa holding a hypnobirthing workbook
A condensed version of my full Hypnobirthing course, perfect if you've found Hypnobirthing later on in pregnancy or don't have time for my full course.

Designed to provide you with essential birth prep in a dedicated private setting.

Available in person & online over zoom
a woman sitting on a sofa holding a model pelvis
This course is for you if you've already completed a Hypnobirthing course in a previous pregnancy.

We'll refresh your skills ready for another confident birth.

Available in person & online over zoom

You only give birth to your baby once

Taking the plunge to invest in a Hypnobirthing course can feel a little bit scary. I know how you feel lovely. I felt exactly the same 3 years ago. But honestly, without Hypnobirthing I would not have gone on to have the incredible birth that I did - and I want you to experience this too. All of my courses have the option for payment plans so please don't miss out. Together we can completely transform your birth.

"Emma is amazing at what she delivers! Thank you for making me feel so welcomed and relaxed!"
Annie, first time mam

What I stand for at Blooming Births 

At Blooming births Hypnobirthing, a love for pregnant women and birthing people to experience a truly amazing birth underpins everything that I do. I know first hand how transformative and life changing becoming a parent is.


I also know that carrying and birthing a baby brings with it a  huge range of emotions. I'm here to hold your hand and support you along each step of the way to have the birth you want.


I will also support you in all of your birthing choices and you can rest assured that the Hypnobirthing I teach is for all births.

My core values are rooted in providing a judgement free space where you can feel heard and supported on your unique journey.

Ultimately, I believe that giving birth is a precious, life changing experience that stays with women forever and my antenatal courses are here to provide you a safe, nurturing space as you embark on this incredible journey.

a woman sitting on a sofa with cup of tea

Luxury touches  

All of my Hypnobirthing courses include

hypnobirthing workbook

A comprehensive Hypnobirthing workbook, handmade affirmation cards & a birth plan guide 

Your interactive workbook is for you to complete during and after the course. It includes birth partner scripts, positive birth stories, a birth bag checklist, space for your own reflections & so much more.

Beautiful Handmade birth affirmation cards to fill your unconscious mind with positive statements about birth.

A birth plan guide which takes you through all of your options & choices, and includes 4 birth plan templates.

2 hypnobirthing workbooks

Exclusive access to my online resource area,  Hypnobirthing MP3 tracks & a luxury goody bag

As part of your course, you'll also get access to an online resource area full of birth, postnatal and feeding resources to support you.

Here you'll also find your powerful Hypnobirthing MP3 tracks to help you get into a deep relaxation during pregnancy and birth.

A luxury goody bag full of  treats to help you on your Hypnobirthing journey.

Hypnobirthing expert emma

My ongoing expert support

My support continues long after your course ends. If you need a refresh of the Hypnobirthing techniques, a boost of confidence or find yourself having a wobble, I'm here to support you over the phone.


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