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Pregnancy relaxation

Launching soon! Waitlist now open

Imagine sinking into a cosy, warm space, feeling the gentle weight of your growing belly and letting go of all your worries...


Imagine a space where there's nothing for you do to but slow down, breathe deeply, and connect with your baby in a way that feels truly nourishing...

Our monthly pregnancy relaxation classes have been designed to be this safe haven.

Each 75-minute class will include:

  • A gentle calm breathing exercise to release tension and relax the body

  • A monthly theme offering insightful discussions around a range of pregnancy, birth and motherhood topics

  • Deep guided relaxation to calm the mind

  • Opportunities to connect with other pregnant women and share experiences

  • A safe and supportive environment to explore any concerns or questions you may have

  • A soothing warm cup of pregnancy safe herbal tea - or hot chocolate if you prefer!

Learn how to quieten your mind, soothe your body, and tune into the gentle rhythms of your pregnancy. 

Suitable from 12+ weeks of pregnancy, you'll leave this class feeling refreshed and relaxed ahead of your baby's birth.

These special classes are coming to Gosforth this October and will be priced at £15 per session (exclusive client discount will be available).

Simply enter your details below to join our waitlist now and be the first to hear when dates and bookings are released.

Thank you for joining our waitlist for pregnancy relaxation. Please check your inbox!


Amazing benefits of pregnancy relaxation

Pregnancy relaxation has so many incredible benefits for you and your baby. Taking the time out to properly relax in pregnancy can:

  • Help to reduce any stress or anxiety you're feeling

  • Lower your heart rate and blood pressure

  • Help you to feel more connected to your baby

  • Increases your chances of going into labour naturally

  • Helps you to get a better nights sleep

  • Helps reduce your risk of postnatal complications, such as postnatal depression

  • Improve your overall wellbeing

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Who am I?

Hypnobirthing workbook newcastle.jpg

Hey, I'm Emma!

The founder of Blooming Births, a Hypnobirthing specialist and a mother of two.

I know you're probably feeling really nervous and apprehensive about giving birth - believe me, I totally get it.

I'm passionate about supporting women to feel calm, confident and relaxed for their births, as well as providing them with the tools they need to look after their own emotional wellbeing.

You can discover more about my own story and passion for Hypnobirthing here!

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