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Pregnancy and Birth Affirmation cards

Introducing my beautiful handmade affirmation cards. The perfect set of cards to uplift and empower you throughout your pregnancy journey. This pack of thoughtfully designed affirmation cards has been crafted to help you stay calm, positive, and confident during pregnancy and birth.

Start feeling confident for your baby's birth!

Affirmations are incredibly powerful statements that can help to build your confidence for birth and transform your birthing mindset. Each card in this beautiful 10 pack features a unique and inspiring affirmation, including

"Each wave brings me closer to my baby"

My body knows how to birth my baby"

 "Birth is safe, I am safe"

"I can do this, I am doing this"

"I love my baby"

"My Body, My Baby, My Birth"

"My body softens and expands

"Release, relax, open"
"I breathe in and out"

"I am strong"


Each card is a daily reminder of your own inner strength!

My affirmation cards are lovingly made with premium quality card and come in a handy size that fits comfortably in your purse or pocket, making them easy to carry with you.

The cards look beautiful hanging up and are the perfect addition to any birth space.

My affirmation cards are the perfect treat for yourself or as a special gift for a pregnant friend!

If you work with pregnant clients and would like to purchase my affirmation cards, please do get in touch to take advantage of my exclusive business discount.


What's included?

  • A pack of 10 handmade pregnancy and birth affirmation cards

  • £13.99 + FREE UK Delivery

  • Sent via Royal Mail First Class Postage

*Note that my handmade affirmation pack is included in all of my Hypnobirthing Course Packages

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