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5* rated Hypnobirthing and Antenatal courses in Newcastle

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"I would 100% recommend this course to anyone who is pregnant! Emma is brilliant!"

Hi, I'm Emma. A 5* rated Hypnobirthing and Antenatal teacher and the top recommended Hypnobirthing practitioner from Jesmond Natural & Fertility.  


I’m not here to tell you how to give birth. 


I'm here to provide you with the knowledge you need about your options, alongside some really powerful relaxation techniques to help you cope with contractions and stay calm.


Held at the beautiful Gosforth Garden Village Association, my antenatal courses are honest, balanced and always evidence-based. 

Whether you want a homebirth, a hospital birth or a c-section, my Hypnobirthing courses will give you all of the tools you need to have a truly positive birth.

After giving birth to my own babies, I continue to work closely with the Newcastle Maternity units to stay up to date with NHS guidelines and policies.

Check out my exclusive Hypnobirthing courses below and if you have any questions, please get in touch!

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Benefits of Hypnobirthing

  • Helps to eliminate fear and worry surrounding childbirth, so you can enjoy your pregnancy

  • Helps you to feel calmer, relaxed and more in control during labour

  • Gives your birthing partner an active role to play during birth, rather than feeling like a spare part

  • Helps your baby to born in a calm way which helps them adjust to the outside world

  • Reduces the levels of pain you may experience during birth

  • Reduces the chance of you needing an epidural

  • Reduces the chance of you needing a c-section

Prenatal Mediation
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Pregnancy Wellbeing Retreat

Sunday 20th April 1pm - 4pm

Gosforth Garden Village Association

 An intimate afternoon retreat led by 5* rated Hypnobirthing teacher Emma and retired midwife Jane Johnston Leave feeling nourished from the inside out ahead of your positive birth.

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The Blooming Births difference

My ethos is simple - your pregnancy is entirely unique and your antenatal course should be too.

This isn't like NCT or other antenatal courses where sessions always follow a set agenda. My unique Hypnobirthing courses are all individually tailored to the parents I work with and each session is dedicated entirely to their needs.

I am not anti-drugs, anti-intervention or anti-anything when it comes to birth. 


Blooming Births Hypnobirthing is for all types of women, people and births. 


Even if birth doesn't go exactly how you expected or planned, my antenatal courses will give you all of the practical tools you need to still have a positive birth experience. You'll leave sessions feeling confident, inspired and totally empowered for your baby's birth.

I am the North Easts top recommended practitioner from Jesmond Natural & Fertility.  

I'm not a 'hippy' kind of Hypnobirthing teacher. My courses don't involve crystals, incense or tarot cards, so if you're looking for a more spiritual Hypnobirthing course, this isn't for you. My antenatal classes are evidence based, honest and practical.

I'm here for you right up until your baby's birth, with free ongoing support after your course has ended.

Discover more about my passion for Hypnobirthing below.

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About me

During my first pregnancy, I was absolutely that person who heard the word 'Hypnobirthing' and dismissed it as hippy nonsense

My first birth was a really difficult experience and looking back, I can see I wasn't mentally prepared for it at all.

Fast forward 2 years later and I discovered I was pregnant again.  This time, I was determined to have a positive birthI started to research antenatal courses, but Hypnobirthing kept popping back up.


The more I read, the more I realised that Hypnobirthing wasn't just for hippies...

Giving birth to my own Hypnobirthing baby was incredible

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Hypnobirthing gave me the tools I needed to feel fully informed, confident and excited for my baby's birth - yes, really! 


I knew that no matter what happened on the day, I could still have a positive experience thanks to my powerful Hypnobirthing techniques.


When the big day finally arrived I went into labour naturally, calmly navigated the hurdles I faced and achieved my water birth. It was the most incredible experience of my life!

Hypnobirthing instilled such a sense of deep confidence in myself and my body that it has completely transformed my mindset forever and that was the start of Blooming Births Hypnobirthing.

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