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Hypnobirthing for all births

Hypnobirthing and Antenatal courses in Newcastle, the North East of England & Online 

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Hello Lovely,

I'm Emma. Mother of two, 5* rated Hypnobirthing teacher and the founder of Blooming Births.

I'm so pleased that you've found me!

I know you're probably feeling really nervous and apprehensive about giving birth - believe me, I get it.


My expertly crafted Hypnobirthing and antenatal courses will give you all of the tools you need to feel confident, informed and truly empowered for your birth.

You'll leave my courses with heaps of practical tips to really manage contractions and powerful relaxation techniques that you can put into practice straight away.


The Hypnobirthing I teach is for all births and my approach is honestbalanced and always evidence based.

Whether you want a homebirth, a hospital birth or a c-section, my Hypnobirthing courses will give you all of the confidence you need to have a truly positive birth experience.

Ready to ditch the fear of birth once and for all?

Book your FREE 15 minute consultation now and let's chat more about how I can support you!


16th & 17th December 2023

20th & 21st January 2024

17th & 18th February 2024

23rd & 24th March 2024

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"Straight away Emma made myself and my partner feel so at ease, she has a wealth of knowledge, very relatable and we both felt so welcomed to ask any questions throughout the whole course. We both really looked forward to our sessions each week. I cannot recommend Emma enough!"

Sophie and Alex, first time parents

Hypnobirthing is a fully comprehensive, evidence-based antenatal course which empowers you to feel totally confident for birth. With my expertly crafted courses you can rest assured that you're in the best possible hands. 

"Huge thank you to Emma for the most wonderful hypnobirthing 1 to 1 classes. Such a tailored, personal experience, my husband and I are feeling so much more informed and at ease about the entire process. From the science and practicalities around why different breathing techniques work at different stages, how to advocate for ourselves and what questions to ask, to how best to prepare mind and body. Super empowering. Plus she left us with lots of lovely resources and goodies and the knowledge we've her as a wonderful contact/resource going forward!"

Melissa and Sam, first time parents

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You only give birth once

Your baby's birth is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. My Hypnobirthing courses can help you to really ditch the fear of birth once and for all! Even if birth doesn't go exactly how you expected or planned, my antenatal courses will give you all of the practical techniques you need to still have a positive experience.

You'll learn what to expect during labour, including the science behind birth and supportive tips for your birthing partner. There are so many nuances when it comes to birth and my teaching style is very balanced and honest. I will never tell you what decisions you should or shouldn't be making. What I will do is show you how to truly advocate for yourself during pregnancy and how to make the decisions that are right for you when it comes to your birth.

I am here for you right up until your baby's birth, offering free follow up sessions to ensure you feel fully supported

I'm not a 'hippy' kind of Hypnobirthing teacher. My antenatal courses don't involve crystals, incense or tarot cards, so if you're looking for a more spiritual Hypnobirthing course, this isn't for you. My sessions are practical, interactive and evidence based and I pride myself on being really down to earth.

You can discover more about my own journey and why I'm so passionate about Hypnobirthing below.

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"I feel like everyone needs an Emma on their side when being faced with the life changing event of getting pregnant and having a baby. As a nurse working in end of life care we adopt the 'one chance to get it right' model and this same model should be applied to birth as you can't go back to try again so having someone who can support you through that with Emma's experience, knowledge & care is invaluable. Thank you!"


Lizzy, first time mam

About me

During my first pregnancy, I was absolutely that person who heard the word 'Hypnobirthing' and dismissed it as hippy nonsense. So, safe to say, I didn't bother booking a Hypnobirthing course.

My first birth was a really difficult experience and looking back, I can see I wasn't really prepared for it at all.

Fast forward 2 years later and I discovered I was pregnant again.  This time around I was determined to have a positive birth. I started to research into antenatal courses, but kept coming back to Hypnobirthing.


What I started to realise was that Hypnobirthing wasn't for hippies at all...

Giving birth to my own Hypnobirthing baby was an experience I will never forget

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After doing a Hypnobirthing course with a local teacher, I was left feeling so prepared, empowered and actually excited to give birth again!


I felt confident that no matter what happened on the day I went into labour, I knew I could have a super positive experience thanks to my powerful Hypnobirthing techniques.


I went into labour naturally, calmly navigated the hurdles that came up on the day and had my beautiful water birth. It was the most incredible experience of my life!

I know without a shadow of a doubt that my birth would have been very different if it wasn't for Hypnobirthing.

This is why I'm so passionate about Hypnobirthing. I know first hand the huge difference it makes to birth because I've lived and breathed it. I also know that the way you feel about your baby's birth will stay with you forever. My Hypnobirthing courses will help you to feel supported, informed and fully prepared for your birth so that you can have the most empowering experience no matter what.

Book your FREE 15 minute consultation

Booking a Hypnobirthing course can feel like a huge investment - believe me, I get it. It's really important to find the right Hypnobirthing teacher and course for you. Book your free 15 minute consultation now and I'll answer any questions you have. This chat is really informal and friendly, with zero obligation to book a course.

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