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Expert led 
Hypnobirthing and Antenatal courses in Newcastle

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Hello lovely, I'm Emma.


A Hypnobirthing and Antenatal specialist and the North Easts only recommended Hypnobirthing teacher by Jesmond Natural & Fertility.  


I’m not here to tell you how to give birth. 


I'm here to provide you with the knowledge you need about all of your options, alongside some really powerful relaxation techniques to help you stay calm during your baby's birth.

After years of extensive training with industry leading experts, I've crafted my 5* rated Hypnobirthing courses to give you all of the tools you need to have a truly positive birth.

Following the birth of my own two babies, I continue to work closely with the Newcastle Maternity units to stay up to date with current NHS guidelines and policies.

Check out my exclusive Hypnobirthing courses below and if you have any questions, please get in touch!

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Upcoming Hypnobirthing courses

Courses are all held at Gosforth Garden Village Association from 1.30pm - 5.30pm

12th & 19th May 2024

 Only 4 spaces left

14th & 21st July 2024

Only 5 spaces left

22nd & 29th September 2024

Only 5 spaces left

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This is Blooming Births Hypnobirthing

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Benefits of Hypnobirthing

  • Helps to eliminate fear and worry surrounding childbirth, so you can relax & enjoy your pregnancy

  • Helps you to feel calmer, relaxed and more in control during labour

  • Gives your birthing partner an active role to play during birth, rather than feeling like a spare part

  • Helps your baby to born in a calm way which helps them adjust to the outside world

  • Reduces the levels of pain you may experience during birth. 53% of those who used hypnobirthing during labour experienced slight or no pain compared to 6% who didn’t use hypnobirthing

  • Reduces the chance of you needing an epidural. 14% of those who used hypnobirthing during labour had an epidural compared to 40-95% of those who didn’t use hypnobirthing

  • Reduces the chance of you needing a c-section. 4% C-section rate for those using hypnobirthing compared to 15-20% for those without hypnobirthing

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The Blooming Births difference


My ethos is simple - your pregnancy is entirely unique and your antenatal course should be too.

My Hypnobirthing courses are all individually tailored to the parents I work with and each session is entirely unique.  You'll leave your course feeling confident, inspired and finally having the answers to all of your questions.


Even if birth doesn't go exactly how you expected or planned, my antenatal courses will give you all of the practical tools you need to still have a positive birth experience. I'm very clear that Blooming Births Hypnobirthing is for all births.

I'm not a 'hippy' kind of Hypnobirthing teacher. My courses don't involve crystals, incense or tarot cards, so if you're looking for a more spiritual Hypnobirthing course, this isn't for you. My antenatal classes are evidence based, honest and practical.

You can discover more about my story and passion for Hypnobirthing here.

Trending blog posts 

  • When is the best time to do a Hypnobirthing course?
    There is no right or wrong time when it comes to deciding when to start a Hypnobirthing course. Most people choose to start a course between 16 and 34 weeks of pregnancy, as this gives them plenty of time to practice the tools and techniques, but other people choose start a course at 34+ weeks. It really is completely up to you when you choose to start your Hypnobirthing course.
  • How is a Hypnobirthing course different to an NCT course?
    Hypnobirthing and NCT courses are very different. NCT courses tend to be very traditional in their approach to antenatal education and are usually ran in large groups. NCT courses will focus a lot on information giving and will cover a wide range of topics from pregnancy right the way through to caring for a newborn. Hypnobirthing courses focus more on birth preparation and mindset work. It's important to consider which topics are being covered on both courses, what is most important to you and the pros vs cons of each. Every antenatal teacher will have a different style of teaching too. That being said, it doesn't necessarily have to be an 'either or' situation. Many of my clients choose to do both a Hypnobirthing and an NCT course.
  • Can I do Hypnobirthing if I'm planning to use medical forms of pain relief?
    Hypnobirthing can be used alongside any type of pain relief you choose during labour, including medical pain relief such as gas & air, and epidurals. A high quality Hypnobirthing course explore all of your pain relief options, including natural and medical choices so that you can make an informed decision about what is right for you. It is usually possible to combine a number of pain relief methods together alongside your Hypnobirthing techniques. Whilst evidence does suggest that those who use Hypnobirthing usually find birth less painful, the goal of Hypnobirthing is not to replace pain relief.
  • Can I do Hypnobirthing if I'm planning a c-section?
    Yes! The Hypnobirthing I teach is for all births, including c-sections. Hypnobirthing can help you to understand what to expect before you go in for your c-section and also give you the tools you need to feel calm about the experience. My private Hypnobirthing courses can be tailored for those who know they want a c-section from very early on in pregnancy so we can focus on making sure you have an incredible birth. A high quality Hypnobirthing course should teach you about how to have a positive c-section even if this would not be your first preference.
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