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About me

Meet the founder of Blooming Births Hypnobirthing

Hey, I'm Emma!


As your Hypnobirthing teacher, I'm here to show you just how empowering and positive birth can be, no matter what happens on the day you go into labour.

I'm an experienced Hypnobirthing specialist, breastfeeding peer supporter and also a mother of two.

I've been exactly where you are now and I know how overwhelming and daunting the thought of giving birth can feel.

I've worked with families across the North East since 2022, supporting them to feel confident, calm and totally empowered for their births with my bespoke Hypnobirthing courses.

I'm not here to tell you how to give birth to your baby.


I'm here to provide you with the knowledge you need about all of your options for birth, alongside some really powerful relaxation tools and strategies to help you remain calm during labour.

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My Birth Stories

Before the birth of my first son, I was absolutely that person who heard the word Hypnobirthing and dismissed it as hippy nonsense.


So I didn't bother booking a Hypnobirthing course - or any other antenatal course for that matter. Honestly, I didn't see what difference it would make to my experience or my birth.

The birth of my first son was nothing like I had imagined.

At 41 weeks, I had an induction of labour.

What followed was a birth with lots of medical interventions and an experience where I was left feeling really out of control.


I felt like any form of decision making had been taken completely out of my hands and I hadn't honestly been prepared for the realities of an induction - or that I had any choice in the matter!

This experience had a profound impact on my mental wellbeing, my postnatal recovery and my ability to bond with my baby.

My second birth was world's apart...

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The birth of my second son was worlds apart from my first experience.

During my second pregnancy, I found a Hypnobirthing teacher  and invested in a private course. Working one on one with a Hypnobirthing expert was life changing and I left the course feeling fully prepared and actually excited to give birth! 

I knew that I could adapt to anything that came up on the day, thanks to the deep level of mindset work I had done.

Ready for anything, I went into labour naturally at 40 weeks. Even though unexpected hurdles came up on the day, I was able to navigate everything calmly and with ease. I went on to have the most empowering water birth.

Giving birth to my son in this way was the most incredible experience and it ignited a fire in my belly.

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I've spent several years training with the UKs top antenatal teachers, midwives, doulas and birth rights consultants to deepen and strengthen my knowledge.

I'm also an affiliate member of the Royal College of Midwives and a trained breastfeeding peer supporter in my local community.

I'm not your typical 'hippy' kind of Hypnobirthing teacher - you wont find tarot cards, crystals or incense at any of my courses - my style is much more down to earth.


My super power is being able to put people at ease. I'll welcome you to my sessions with a warm smile, a hot cuppa and even a cuddle if you need one.

I am not anti-drugs, anti-intervention or anti-anything when it comes to birth and I am very clear that I support all births.


From homebirths, to hospital births and c-sections, I've designed my unique antenatal courses  to give you all of the tools you need to have a positive birth experience no matter what.

There are so many situations during labour where having techniques to stay relaxed is beneficial; if labour starts at home, traveling in the car to hospital and even when you're waiting to be assessed. Similarly, if birth doesn't go to plan, knowing that you have powerful hypnobirthing tools with you each step of the way can be a huge source of comfort.

For me, a positive birth isn't about how birth happens - it's how you feel about it which matters the most.

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It's totally normal to feel apprehensive about Hypnobirthing and what a course might actually entail - honestly, you can expect a fully comprehensive, evidence based antenatal course with lots of simple yet effective relaxation techniques for birth.


Birth partners can also feel really unsure. If this is the case, I would recommend you watch my free introduction to Hypnobirthing together.

By the end of a course with me, you'll understand the science behind Hypnobirthing, learned powerful breathing techniques and have an abundance of relaxation strategies designed to help you feel calm and in control.

You can also expect:


  • Realistic and supportive tips for managing contractions

  • Practical tools for your birthing partner

  • Knowledge on how to have a positive experience regardless of how birth actually happens

  • A relaxing, stress free day where you can finally get all the answers to your questions and start feeling confident for birth!

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Positive birth stories

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