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Group Hypnobirthing courses

Weekend antenatal courses in Newcastle and Gosforth

Loved by parents, Recommended by experts

The 5* rated Blooming Births Antenatal Course is everything you need!

From our relaxed, friendly sessions to our practical, honest approach, there is no other antenatal course quite like ours.

We expertly combine powerful Hypnobirthing techniques, relaxing mindfulness practices and the very best in antenatal education to support you on your journey to a more positive birth.


We pride ourselves on being the North Easts only recommended Hypnobirthing provider by experts at the Jesmond Acupuncture Clinic.

Held at Gosforth Garden Village Association, our group antenatal courses are a truly unique experience, supporting you to feel calmempowered, and totally ready for your baby's birth and beyond!

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Fully comprehensive, evidence based antenatal course recommended by local experts 

Interactive, fun and engaging sessions with tailored content covering a wide range of topics

Free ongoing support right up until your baby's birth and beyond

Luxury extras to really enhance your experience, including a pregnancy gift bag and birth affirmation cards

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What's included?

Your course includes​

  • The chance to submit any questions or worries you have before your course begins. This allows us to get to work on tailoring the sessions to meet your needs

  • Attendance for both you and your birthing partner on the course, with dedicated support from a local antenatal expert


  • Light refreshments, including a range of teas, coffee, fruit, healthy flapjack and homemade brownies 

  • An interactive Hypnobirthing course workbook and a comprehensive birth plan guide

  • Essential birth handouts and access to an exclusive online resource hu

  • A set of powerful MP3 tracks for you to download



  • A luxury pregnancy goody bag brimming with treats to support you on your journey

  • Access to a private group chat so you can keep in touch with other parents from the course

  • Free ongoing support right up until your baby's birth and beyond

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What will I learn?

Our interactive courses are full birth preparation and we're proud to be inclusive of all types of birth.

Although sessions are individually tailored to the parents attending, here's the key topics we cover:

  • The impact of fear has on birth and practical tools to reduce this fear, helping you to give birth more comfortably

  • What to expect during labour, including the science behind birththe different phases of labour, key birth positions and the importance of your birthing hormones

  • How to manage contractions using massage, breathing techniques and relaxation tools, all designed to keep you calm and focused. You'll learn how to adapt these for all situations and how you can use them alongside more medical forms of pain relief

  • Supportive and practical tips for your birthing partner, giving them all of the tools that they need to play an active role in your birth

  • How to manage common medical interventions, including induction of labour and c-section births, and knowledge on how to have a positive experience regardless of how birth actually happens 

  • How to navigate the NHS maternity system and make informed decisions about your birth

  • Expert guidance on all of your options for birth and how to write clear, concise birth plans

  • Plus lots and lots more!

    Each course with us also includes dedicated time for a guided pregnancy relaxation. This wonderfully nourishing practice allows you to bond with your baby and really look after your own wellbeing.

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What can I expect?

It's normal to feel apprehensive about Hypnobirthing and what exactly a course might entail - honestly, you can expect a fully comprehensive, evidence based antenatal course.

Birth partners can also feel really unsure before the course too. If this is the case, I would recommend you watch my free introduction to Hypnobirthing together before the course.

By the end of our course together, you'll have all of the skills and techniques you need for a more confident birth.

You can also expect:

  • Small antenatal sessions, with no more than 5 couples in attendance

  • Realistic and supportive tips for coping with labour

  • Practical tools you can use to stay calm in all situations

  • Knowledge on how to have a positive experience regardless of how birth actually happens

  • A relaxing, stress free day where you can finally get all the answers to your questions and start feeling excited for your birth

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Why Blooming Births?

Our holistic approach to birth prep puts you at the very heart of your experience, combing powerful Hypnobirthing tools, mindfulness techniques and antenatal education to support you on your journey.

This is a unique experience where you'll leave feeling so well looked after and nurtured, with course content that is individually tailored to you.

You'll also gain the knowledge you need on all of your options for birth, incredible strategies to help you cope with pain & remain calm and dedicated support from an antenatal expert.

Whether you want a homebirth, a hospital birth, or a c-section, our antenatal courses will give you all of the tools you need to have a positive pregnancy, a confident birth and the best start to parenthood. 

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July Group


Perfect timing if your baby is due in August, September, October or November

Only 4 spaces left

£50 deposit to secure your space

14th & 21st July

1.30pm - 5.30pm both days

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Perfect timing if your baby is due in October, November, December or January

Only 5 spaces left

£50 deposit to secure your space

22nd & 29th September

1.30pm - 5.30pm both days

Hypnobirthing workbook newcastle.jpg

Perfect timing if your baby is due in December, January, February or March

Only 5 spaces left

£50 deposit to secure your space

24th Nov & 1st Dec

1.30pm - 5.30pm both days

All group courses are held at

Gosforth Garden Village.png
Can't see a date which suits you?
Check out my Private Hypnobirthing courses!


£225 per couple

£50 deposit to book


Payment plans

£50 deposit + £175 remaining balance


£50 deposit + 3 x £58.33


Why Hypnobirthing Matters

A positive birth will leave you with deeper feelings of empowerment, a trust in your body and the absolute best start to your parenting journey.

But giving birth is a largely hormonal and emotional process. Expecting the worst is likely to result in a lot of fear and this can make giving birth more difficult.


Understanding this mind body connection is key when preparing for a positive birth and this is exactly why our unique antenatal courses include powerful Hypnobirthing tools and hands on relaxation techniques. 


Because having masses of information about birth will not help you to have a positive experience.


Knowing this 'stuff' will only get you so far and this is why most standard antenatal courses are rarely enough.

Are you ready for your positive birth?


Join one of top rated group antenatal courses today! Secure your place with just a £50 deposit.

Other courses

Contact me

Booking a Hypnobirthing course can feel like a huge investment - believe me, I get it. It's also really important that you find the right Hypnobirthing teacher for you.

If you have any questions about my courses, please do get in touch!

  • When is the best time to do a Hypnobirthing course?
    There is no right or wrong time when it comes to deciding when to start a Hypnobirthing course. Most people choose to start a course between 16 and 34 weeks of pregnancy, as this gives them plenty of time to practice the tools and techniques, but other people choose start a course at 34+ weeks. It really is completely up to you when you choose to start your Hypnobirthing course.
  • How is a Hypnobirthing course different to an NCT course?
    Hypnobirthing and NCT courses are very different. NCT courses tend to be very traditional in their approach to antenatal education and are usually ran in large groups. NCT courses will focus a lot on information giving and will cover a wide range of topics from pregnancy right the way through to caring for a newborn. Hypnobirthing courses focus more on birth preparation and mindset work. It's important to consider which topics are being covered on both courses, what is most important to you and the pros vs cons of each. Every antenatal teacher will have a different style of teaching too. That being said, it doesn't necessarily have to be an 'either or' situation. Many of my clients choose to do both a Hypnobirthing and an NCT course.
  • Can I do Hypnobirthing if I'm planning to use medical forms of pain relief?
    Hypnobirthing can be used alongside any type of pain relief you choose during labour, including medical pain relief such as gas & air, and epidurals. A high quality Hypnobirthing course explore all of your pain relief options, including natural and medical choices so that you can make an informed decision about what is right for you. It is usually possible to combine a number of pain relief methods together alongside your Hypnobirthing techniques. Whilst evidence does suggest that those who use Hypnobirthing usually find birth less painful, the goal of Hypnobirthing is not to replace pain relief.
  • Can I do Hypnobirthing if I'm planning a c-section?
    Yes! The Hypnobirthing I teach is for all births, including c-sections. Hypnobirthing can help you to understand what to expect before you go in for your c-section and also give you the tools you need to feel calm about the experience. My private Hypnobirthing courses can be tailored for those who know they want a c-section from very early on in pregnancy so we can focus on making sure you have an incredible birth. A high quality Hypnobirthing course should teach you about how to have a positive c-section even if this would not be your first preference.

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