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The power of pregnancy relaxation: amazing benefits for you and your baby

We can all agree that being pregnant comes with its fair share of ups and downs. But did you know that practicing pregnancy relaxation can have some amazing benefits for both you and your growing baby?

Learn all about the incredible benefits of pregnancy relaxation right here in this blog. Your mind, body and baby will thank you for it!

a pregnant woman meditating

Looking after your own wellbeing during pregnancy is so important.

The stress hormone cortisol can cross from your bloodstream through your placenta and to your baby, so it’s essential to take time out for yourself.

You might want to go to a specific class designed for pregnancy relaxation, or you might simply want to take the time out for yourself at home with some nice relaxing music, a guided MP3 track or a peaceful bath.

Or you might have a totally unique way of feeling relaxed. The important thing is just take some time for yourself every day.

Here are the top 7 benefits of pregnancy relaxation that you need to know about:

1. Increases the bond you have with your baby

a woman holds a newborn

Taking time out to really relax massively boosts the bond you have with your baby and helps you to feel connected to them before they're earthside.

Whilst you’re relaxing, you might find it helpful to have a framed scan picture of your baby on your bedside table to make it even more special.

If you've had a tough start to pregnancy, taking the time out for yourself in this way can be really beneficial.

2. Reduces any stress or anxiety you might be feeling

Whether its pregnancy, birth or even just life related, we all feel stress from time to time. It’s important in pregnancy to be mindful of this stress and practicing pregnancy relaxation can really help to reduce any anxiety you have. It can help you to feel calmer, more present and relaxed.

3. Lowers your heart rate and blood pressure

a woman meditates with her eyes closed

When you practice pregnancy relaxation, it triggers your parasympathetic nervous system which is a clever network of nerves. When these nerves are stimulated, they take you out of fight or flight/stress mode and put your body into a relaxed state. When you feel this deep level of relaxation, you’ll find that you heart rate and blood pressure actually start to come down.

4. Increases your chances of labour starting naturally

a newborn baby

A labour which starts naturally is one that doesn’t involve any form of medical intervention (such as sweeps, pessaries, manually having your waters broken) or pharmaceutical drugs to start labour.

When you regularly practice pregnancy relaxation, it massively boosts your levels of the hormone oxytocin. This is your ultimate feel good hormone that you get when you fall in love and when you have sex - and it’s also the hormone that is responsible for start labour! So the more you can do to boost your oxytocin, the better.

5. Reduces your risk of developing postnatal complications

A mother holding her newborn baby

When we take the time out to look after our own wellbeing in pregnancy, this has huge benefits for our own mental health and this means we’re less likely to develop postnatal complications such as postnatal depression.

6. Help you get a better nights sleep

Getting a good nights sleep when you’re pregnant can feel almost impossible. From strange dreams to leg cramps and the constant urge to go to the loo it can feel really hard to get some proper shut eye. If you practice pregnancy relaxation before going to sleep, this can really help to quieten down your mind, stimulate that wonderful nervous system I mentioned to relax and help you catch some well deserved zzzz’s.

7. Improves your overall wellbeing

3 pregnancy women on yoga mats meditating

Pregnancy relaxation can also help to improve your general sense of wellbeing, helping you to enjoy the experience of being pregnant and approach your birth with a true sense of calm.

Relax mama!

Take this blog as your sign to cut yourself some serious slack. Give yourself permission to relax and take some time out everyday to ‘just be’!

You deserve it mama.

Come and experience the incredible benefits of pregnancy relaxation for yourself at my one of my 5* rated Hypnobirthing courses.

I would love to see you there!

Love Emma

Blooming Births Hypnobirthing


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