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7 tips to create a calm birth space

By aromatherapy expert Kirsty from Take Five Aromatherapy

By Kirsty mummy of two and founder of Take Five Aromatherapy

A positive birth is about how we feel, not the type of birth we have, and there are tons of tools and techniques we can use to help us really feel calm, in control, informed and safe.

Here are 7 things that you can do to create a positive birthing environment, no matter what type of birth you're planning.

1. Hypnobirthing

My number one tip would always be to invest in a hypnobirthing course which is aligned to you. This helps to ensure you’re fully informed of your rights, taught many or all of the tips below as well as additional tools and techniques for pregnancy relaxation, labour and postpartum. 

2. Visual

Think dim lighting, battery operated candles or twinkling lights.

Birth is an intimate experience and oxytocin (the love hormone we need in abundance for birth) is shy, so bright lights can often make us feel vulnerable rather than relaxed.

It can also help to visualise a happy memory, looking at photos of loved ones and places that make you feel happy, birth mood boards, or walking down steps to peaceful place while listening to a script.

3. Sounds

Hypnobirthing relaxation scripts can be great to calm and control our thoughts, as well as our breathing. Sounds that boost our oxytocin such a spa / relaxation music or music from a happy event (wedding etc) can help us feel calm, while uplifting music can help in early labour if you’re in the mood for dancing / keeping the body upright and moving! 

4. Breathe

Slowing the breath is a fast and very effective way to calm our nervous system, rebalance and refocus. Breathing techniques works by stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system to relax. This helps to lower your heart rate, your blood pressure and helps to calm any anxiety you feel.

5. Touch

Warm water can make us feel like we’re enveloped in warmth without feeling too constricted, it’s also incredibly soothing for aches and pains.

Massage, cuddles with a partner to boost oxytocin or a soft blanket / pillow from home (even better if it smells like home too!) can help us to feel safe, familiar and calm. 

6. Feeling supported

Having a supportive birth partner, doula and midwives / a birth team who are advocating for you can make a huge impact on your birth experience and how calm and safe you feel.

7. Scent anchoring

Relaxing with your chosen essential oil or a favourite smell is a really beneficial tool during pregnancy. You’ll begin to build up what’s known as a scent anchor with those particular scents, associating them with your relaxed state of mind. 

The more often you use that scent while unwinding or bonding with bump, the stronger this association will become. 

This scent / emotional memory link works instantly because each time we inhale a smell, the particles travel up the nose to the olfactory bulb which is directly linked to the brain, creating an instant response of calm, balance etc. 

If you’re feeling anxious at any stage during labour or birth, applying or inhaling the familiar can draw your mind back to the feelings of comfort and safety associated with that scent. 

This can be a really helpful tool during the transition phase of labour or while transporting to a hospital or birthing unit, as well as during everyday anxious events. 

While scent anchoring can work with any type of smells, it’s especially powerful when using pure essential oils, as these also possess therapeutic properties which create a chemical response helping us to relax our mind as muscles. 

Essential oils can be a great addition to your pregnancy relaxation and your birth toolkit, so long as they’re used safely.

As long as essential oils are diluted correctly and to a safe level for pregnancy, you’ll gain a whole host of natural and powerful properties from them including deep relaxation, balance, focus, energy, deeper sleep or a calm mindset. 

So there you have it, my top 7 tips to help you create a calm birth space!


Who am I?

Hey, I'm Emma!

Tea lover, self confessed birth nerd, mama of two and the founder of Blooming Births Hypnobirthing.

I pride myself on offering honest, bespoke and evidence based antenatal courses which put YOU at the very heart.

After giving birth to my own two babies, I continue to work closely with the Newcastle Maternity units and stay up to date with current working practices so that you are well informed about what to expect from your local trust.

 I'm also an affiliate member of The Royal College of Midwives and a breastfeeding peer support volunteer. I'm here to support you to start feeling informed, confident and totally ready for your birth!

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